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Frame Jig Adjustable Width Fixture

Frame Jig Adjustable Width Fixture


The Adjustable Width Fixture can be used to support the lower rails of your frame. You may be able to bolt the adjustable brackets to the lower engine mounts, center stand mounts, exhaust mounts, control mounts, or other mounts on your frame. You will need to decide if this fixture will work for your needs. It comes with the plates and hardware shown in the first picture and works with 2"x2" tubing only. You need to supply at least 18" of 2"x2" tubing for the fixture. The tube is placed on top of the main rails of the jig (perpendicular) and clamped from the bottom using the 1-1/2" x 5" rectangle plate. A hole needs to be drilled in the bottom of the tube and a nut is welded over the hole the for the clamp bolt.  If you have 2"x3" main rails on your frame jig, you can also weld a short 2"x2" spacer perpendicular to the tube (as shown in the pictures) to keep the fixture square in the jig.  The slots in the brackets allows them to offset 1.25" to one side of the centerline of the 2"x2" tube.

The steel plates for the adjustable width fixture are powder coated black. (new photos soon)